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Rifle with LPVO Scope

The Best LPVO Scopes For 2024

What are LPVO Riflescopes?

LPVO stands for Low Power Variable Optics. These riflescopes are designed to provide shooters with the flexibility to engage targets at both close and long ranges. They offer variable magnification settings, typically starting from 1x and going up to 6x, 8x or 10x. LPVO riflescopes are widely used by hunters, competitive shooters, and tactical professionals due to their versatility and performance.

In this article, we will be providing our top 5 picks for the best LPVO scopes to consider when looking at an optic that is both functional, suitable for your own budget, and can perform when you need it to, in 2024. Some of the brands that will be featured are fairly new to the market, whereas some others have been in the market for quite a number of years and you might've come across them before.

1. SIG SAUER Tango-MSR LPVO 1-10X28mm

SIG SAUER Tango-MSR LPVO 1-10X28mm

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Designed for avid hunters & shooting enthusiasts, these rifle scopes offer swift target acquisition, industry-leading light transmission & quick engagement; With a High Performance 10x optical system with low dispersion glass, this 34mm tube diameter riflescope delivers unmatched precision, ensuring you never miss a crucial moment.

It offers a wide range of features, including 1-10x magnification, edge-to-edge image clarity, a 34mm monotube construction, durability is assured with this riflescopes' waterproof, shockproof & fog-proof construction, suitable for the harshest conditions.

Pros ✅ Cons ❌
✅ Comes with Many Accessories ❌ Limited FOV With Higher Magnification
✅ Rugged Durability ❌ Not The Best For Beginner Shooters
✅ Well-Known Brand ❌ Eye Relief Has Been An Issue For Some
Lightweight & Durable Aluminium ❌ Higher Cost Compared to Other Brands

2. Vortex Crossfire® II 1-4x24

Vortex Crossfire II LPVO Scope

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The Vortex Crossfire II 1-4x24 MOA LPVO Rifle Scope. This versatile scope offers crystal-clear images, V-Brite MOA illuminated reticle, and rugged construction. It's fogproof, waterproof, and easy to adjust, making it perfect for any environment. Manufactured by a brand that is widely used in both the civilian and law enforcement/military world, mainly due to their unbeatable lifetime warranty that comes with all Vortex optics.

Pros ✅ Cons ❌
✅ VIP Lifetime Warranty ❌ Not Ideal for Extreme Weather
✅ Rugged Construction ❌ Limited Field of View
✅ Reliable Brand ❌ Non-Automatic Brightness Adjustment
✅ Fogproof & Waterproof ❌ Limited Long-Range Capabilities
✅ V-Brite MOA Illuminated Reticle ❌ Mounts Not Included

3. NIGHTFORCE NX8-1-8x24mm

NIGHTFORCE NX8-1-8x24mm F1 Riflescope

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The Nightforce NX8 1-8x24mm F1 Capped scope stands out with its adaptable magnification range, spanning from 1x for close-quarters engagements to 8x for mid-range shooting scenarios. This flexibility empowers shooters to swiftly adjust to different distances, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

The inclusion of capped turrets in this scope enhances its durability and reliability. The caps serve as protective shields for the windage and elevation adjustments, shielding them from unintended movements or external elements that could potentially impact the accuracy of your shots.

Pros ✅ Cons ❌
✅ High Optical Quality ❌ Higher Price Point
✅ Compact & Lightweight Build ❌ Limited Magnification Range
✅ First Focal Plane Reticle ❌ Poor Eye Relief
Well-Respected Brand ❌ Illumination Controls

4. EOTECH Vudu 1-6x24mm

EOTECH Vudu 1-6x24mm Precision Rifle Scope

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The EOTECH Vudu 1-6x24mm riflescope is compact, yet fully loaded. Crafted with the 3-gun and serious hunter in mind, this is an optic that feels as much at home on the AR platform as it does on your favorite bolt-action rifle. The EOTech Speed Ring reticle allows for fast target engagement at low power, but at higher power provides the resolution and accuracy required to tackle longer shots. The Vudu 1-6x24 is the perfect solution for short to medium range applications that require the highest level of durability and accuracy.

Pros ✅ Cons ❌
✅ Battle-Proven Design ❌ Higher Price Point
✅ Well-Known & Respected Brand ❌ Poor Eye Relief
✅ Dual-Purpose Reticle ❌ Sloppy Elevation Turret
✅ Rezeroable Turrets ❌ Limited Magnification Range

5. Trijicon Credo 1-6x24

Trijicon Credo 1-6x24 LPVO Riflescope

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Designed specifically for 3-gunners, range warriors and law enforcement, the Trijicon Credo® 1-6x24 gives you everything you want in a low power variable riflescope: lightweight durability, intuitive reticles and a choice of either first or second focal planes. The result is rapid target acquisition, an extra-wide field of view and confident aiming in any light. Tested in the harshest conditions for most optics, the quality of the Trijicon Credo presents unmatched quality and longevity when exposed to the elements.

Pros ✅ Cons ❌
✅ Segmented-Circle Reticle Perfect For Rapid Acquisition ❌ Heavier When Compared to Other LPVO's
✅ At Higher Powers, MOA Hash References Guide Shots ❌ Poor Edge Clarity
✅ Trusted and Respected Brand ❌ Must Zoom to 4x to Utilize Center Crosshair
✅ Military-Tested Design ❌ High Price Point

Comparison of The Top 5 LPVO Riflescopes 

Scope Magnification Range Features
SIG SAUER Tango 1-10x Fully multi-coated lenses, military-quality durable optic.
Vortex Crossfire II 1-4x Exceptional optical clarity, unmatched lifetime VIP warranty.
Nightforce NX8 1-8x High-density, extra-low dispersion glass, wide field of view.
EOTECH Vudu 1-6x Durable glass, precise target acquisition.
Trijicon Credo 1-6x Edge-to-edge clarity, quick and easy to adjust, extremely durable build.


After thoroughly researching and analyzing the top 5 LPVO scopes available in 2024, it is clear that these scopes offer unmatched versatility and precision for shooters of all levels. Whether you are a professional marksman or an avid hunter, investing in a high-quality optic can greatly enhance your shooting experience.

One of the key advantages of LPVO riflescopes is their ability to provide a true 1x magnification, which essentially functions as a red dot sight. This makes them ideal for fast-paced shooting scenarios, such as competitive shooting or tactical applications. The ability to engage targets with both eyes open provides shooters with enhanced situational awareness and target acquisition speed.

When it comes to long-range shooting, LPVO optics truly shine. With their higher magnification settings, shooters can effectively engage targets at distances beyond what traditional red dot sights or fixed magnification scopes can offer. The ability to zoom in on targets and make precise adjustments ensures accurate shot placement, even at extended ranges.

Furthermore, LPVO riflescopes often come equipped with parallax adjustment knobs. This feature helps eliminate parallax error, which can affect shot accuracy at longer distances. By adjusting the parallax, shooters can ensure that the reticle remains aligned with the target, resulting in more precise shots.

In conclusion, LPVO scopes are a game-changer for shooters looking to enhance their shooting capabilities. With their versatility, precision, and advanced features, these scopes offer a significant advantage in various shooting scenarios. Whether you are a competitive shooter, a hunter, or a tactical professional, investing in one of the top 5 LPVO optics featured in this article will undoubtedly elevate your shooting experience to new heights.

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