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The Importance of Plate Carriers in Airsoft, Civilian and Military Operations - Tactical Gear Direct

The Importance of Plate Carriers in Airsoft, Civilian and Military Operations

Plate carriers, also known as body armor, are a crucial piece of equipment for military and law enforcement personnel, as well as airsoft enthusiasts and civilians. They provide a vital barrier between the wearer and potential harm, offering protection in high-risk situations. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of plate carriers and how they relate to airsoft, civilian, and military operations.

What is a Plate Carrier?

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A plate carrier is a type of body armor that consists of a vest made from heavy-duty materials such as nylon or Cordura, and steel or ceramic plates that are inserted into the vest to provide additional protection. Plate carriers come in various sizes and designs, with the most common being the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system, which allows for the attachment of additional pouches and gear.

Why are Plate Carriers Important in Airsoft Operations?

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In airsoft, plate carriers provide a tactical advantage, allowing players to carry additional gear and ammunition while also providing protection from BBs and other projectiles. They also enhance the realism of the game, allowing players to feel as if they are participating in a real military operation.

Why are Plate Carriers Important for Civilians?

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In today's world, the threat of danger is always present, and civilians may find themselves in high-risk situations. Plate carriers provide a barrier between the wearer and potential harm, offering protection and peace of mind in dangerous situations.

In addition, plate carriers can be useful for civilians who engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or hunting, where they may encounter dangerous wildlife or other hazardous elements.

Why are Plate Carriers Important in Military Operations?

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In military operations, plate carriers are critical in providing protection to the wearer from enemy fire and other hazardous elements. They allow military personnel to continue with their mission and complete their objectives, providing a lifesaving barrier between the wearer and harm. Plate carriers are designed to be lightweight and comfortable, allowing for ease of movement and reducing fatigue during long missions.

What to Consider When Choosing a Plate Carrier

When choosing a plate carrier, it's important to consider the following factors:

Protection Level - Plate carriers are rated based on the level of protection they provide. It's important to choose a carrier that meets the level of protection required for your specific situation, whether it be airsoft, civilian, or military operations. As the name suggests, plate carriers are used to hold plates from different sizes and weight, however when a ballistic plate is hit by a round, this can either be called spalling or fragmentation (where the bullet makes contact with the steel plate and creates small fragments that can be deadly if the correct protection isn't used).

Take a look at the video below on how spalling and fragmentation work:

Comfort - A plate carrier should be designed to be comfortable, breathable and allowing for ease of movement and reducing fatigue during long missions or games. Different plate carriers or vests can be used over a specific time period before they start to make the user feel uncomfortable, which is the reason why many well-known brands, such as Crye are commonly used in the military and civilian world, as the products they make are of high quality and are able to be used over a long period of use.

The Benefits of wearing a Plate Carrier Vest

Size - Plate carriers come in various sizes, and it's important to choose one that fits properly to ensure maximum protection and comfort, there are many different companies that make plate carriers that come in their own size and dimensions, so make sure to check these before you decide to purchase one.

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Durability - Most plate carriers should be made from heavy-duty materials that can withstand the rigors of airsoft, civilian, and military operations. However it should be considered that the durability of the product will depend on the brand, price and the intended use, which can all have an impact on the overall durability, therefore the plate carrier you choose should be suitable for the type of situation/environment you intend to use it with.

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Price - Plate carriers come in various price ranges, and it's important to choose one that fits within your budget and intended use while still providing the level of protection and durability required. For example, you are likely not going to require a high-end Crye precision plate carrier for use in airsoft, therefore this is something that should be taken into consideration. 

Take a look at our collection of Plate Carriers and Chest Rigs, which has many different type and styles of plate carriers that can tailor to your budget and intended use.

In conclusion, plate carriers play a crucial role in airsoft, civilian, and military operations, providing essential protection to the wearer. When choosing a plate carrier, it's important to consider factors such as protection level, comfort, size, durability, and price. By doing so, you can ensure that you have the proper equipment to help keep you safe in any situation.

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